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Hey! How you doin?

Welcome to the

zumba costa blanca


We've been partying on the costa blanca since 2009 and look forward to continuing on through thick and thin - bringing the joy to your fitness-

so come join the party!

the fun starts here!

About Me.

Hi, thanks for visiting! 


I have been in the fitness industry since 1992,starting classes in the UK on the very day I received my exam results, I simply couldn't wait a moment longer. I worked in various fitness centres in Hertfordshire and London as well as many community classes. I continued learning, studying and improving my skills for a number of years there, there was so much to learn and I loved every minute of it, even the tough parts like starting brand new classes in new areas. I taught just about everything, aerobics (yes, I'm that old ha ha), step, circuits, boxercise, BLT classes and many more. 

In 1996 I decided to (literally) jump on a bike and cycle to spain to learn a new language and live in another country before life got me trapped.

I never went back. Firstly living in Barcelona and near Sitges for 12 years, until I moved to where I currently live in Javea, Alicante.


After about 6 months of being in this paradise, and starting up classes here, I heard about Zumba,checked it out online, and after 6 hours of non stop research, I literally didn't leave the computer, I booked on the very first teacher training session held in Spain in 2009. I was already hooked! 

I trained with people from all over the world as training sessions in Europe were still few and far between in those days.

Then for the next few years I built up classes when barely anyone had heard of Zumba, it was a tough slog, but soooo worth it. Bringing Salsa, Samba, merengue, bhangra, Cumbia and so many more dance types to everyone, the music was pumping and just grabs your heart and soul and makes it soar. You simply can't leave a Zumba class unhappy, no matter what mood you may have been in when you got there.  

In 2011 I made it through a very tough selection process of many thousands of applicants, whittled down to just 75, again from all over the globe, (another thing I love about zumba) to become a Zumba Jammer, Spain's first ever. After hotfooting it over to Orlando for the training, I came back and then began a whirlwind few years of running my own community classes right here during the week, with just the most amazing participants ever, and almost every weekend travelling around Spain, Portugal, Germany and the UK running Zin Jam sessions for instructors as well as masterclasses for everybody.

 It was a wild, exciting time that continued for a good few years. I met so many wonderful people and visited so many great places, it was a fabulous experience in so many ways.

 Fast forward 14 years and I'm still shocked every time the cooldown starts playing in every class!!! The class simply flies by! 

I love zumba so much still, the diversity of the joyous,banging music, the fact that it is suitable for every age (and I mean every age - I have people in their late seventies coming to class 3/4 times a week and strutting their stuff in the front row, as well as your coolest, 18 year olds just jamming out). I love that there are no wrong moves, no, really, there aren't! You do what you can, in the way that's best for you - some people bounce around like kangaroos, while others maybe never turn round, or never jump, or don't use their arms for whatever reasons, and it's all good! the one thing everyone has in common is that smile on their face and the happiness in their eyes as they leave their troubles behind!

We do it on land in the most spectacular locations, Zumba, Zumba toning with light weights, Aqua Zumba, Aquafit and mash ups of the various types in the water too, it's one long, never-ending party. so come join it - you'll never look back! I promise... 

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