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Thanks again to everyone who turned up and gave us their best smiles once again! A very special thank you to Annie for opening up her home (and cava cupboard) for us. Until the next time Zumba queens! xxx

Everyone made such a huge effort and you all looked fantastic! Dancing to the Zumba rhythm in these costumes wasn’t easy, but you did a fine job of it!

Todo el mundo hicieron un gran esfuerzo con los desfraces, y fue fenomenal! Bailando al ritmo Zumba con estos trajes puestas no fue nada fácil, pero lo hicisteis con estilo!

Well done! Bien hecho! xxxxx


Thursday evening on the Arenal, Javea at the very cool Poison Chill out bar. THIS IS ZUMBA! Watching the sun set to hot music and perfect temperatures………




Come join us soon- 7pm Beginners and 8pm Level 2.



Well done to those new faces who have been trying to join us for so long, you made it!!!

Great to see (and hear) you had such a great time. Welcome to the Zumba Family!Look forward to having you with us through many happy times!- And watching those bods transform……

As these videos are linked to You Tube and depending (amongst other things) on your connection, I suggest pressing PLAY, then immediately pressing PAUSE until you see the pale pink bar reach the end on the right.Then you can press play again to watch.(Meanwhile, if you open another tab you can still navigate around the site). This means you will be able to enjoy the video without it constantly stopping and starting.

The end is quite funny, someone saw us having such a good time and came running in to take some photos with my camera, not realising we were already filming. I thought I’d deleted that bit, but hadn’t.After 8 attempts of approximately 25 hours of uploading onto You tube(we’re in red alert on storms here right now),I’ve decided to keep it on there. ENJOY!!


14.7.09 11314.7.09 11214.7.09 11114.7.09 11014.7.09 10914.7.09 10814.7.09 10714.7.09 10614.7.09 10414.7.09 10214.7.09 10114.7.09 09814.7.09 09714.7.09 09614.7.09 09514.7.09 09414.7.09 093 (2)n14.7.09 09214.7.09 09114.7.09 09014.7.09 08814.7.09 08714.7.09 08014.7.09 07914.7.09 07814.7.09 07714.7.09 07614.7.09 07514.7.09 07314.7.09 07214.7.09 07114.7.09 07014.7.09 06814.7.09 06714.7.09 06614.7.09 06414.7.09 06314.7.09 06214.7.09 06114.7.09 08114.7.09 08214.7.09 08314.7.09 037 (2)n14.7.09 036 (2)n14.7.09 035 (2)n14.7.09 034 (2)n14.7.09 033 (2)n14.7.09 032 (2)n14.7.09 031 (2)n14.7.09 041 (2)n14.7.09 04214.7.09 045 (2)n14.7.09 046 (2)n14.7.09 047 (2)n14.7.09 049 (2)n14.7.09 05314.7.09 05514.7.09 05614.7.09 05714.7.09 05814.7.09 05914.7.09 06014.7.09 029 (2)n14.7.09 028 (2)n14.7.09 027 (2)n14.7.09 026 (2)n14.7.09 025 (2)n14.7.09 024 (2)n14.7.09 023 (2)n14.7.09 022 (2)n14.7.09 020 (2)n14.7.09 019 (2)n14.7.09 018 (2)n14.7.09 016 (2)n14.7.09 015 (2)n14.7.09 014 (2)n14.7.09 013 (2)n14.7.09 012 (2)n14.7.09 011 (2)n14.7.09 010 (2)n14.7.09 006 (2)n14.7.09 004 (2)n14.7.09 005 (2)n14.7.09 002 (2)n14.7.09 009 (2)n14.7.09 003 (2)n

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